Unprecedented Data Access and Analysis

Ease of a spreadsheet. The power of data analytics.

Ease of a spreadsheet. The power of data analytics.

Connect to Virtually Any Data Source

Create live custom dashboards & reports

  • Add third party or internal data to your spreadsheet
  • Bring in live streaming data or schedule data updates
  • Combine disparate, structured & unstructured data

Analyze Your Data

Get high performance computing power

  • 500+ robust data analytics functions
  • Intuitive spreadsheet interface
  • Scalable – operate on millions of rows of data

Share Data & Collaborate

Share spreadsheets & collaborate in real time

  • Share all or a portion of sheet as Read or Read/Write
  • A single source of truth = ultimate version control
  • Never email a spreadsheet file again

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Create & analyze spreadsheet data on-the-go

  • Native app is optimized for a touchscreen
  • Live mobile dashboards & reports
  • Synchronous updates across mobile & web